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My beloved pet, Maya.
My beloved pet, Maya.

Angela DiMeglio has been working as a puppy and dog trainer since 1989. She credits her past beloved pet, Maya and her current dearly loved dog, Athena as being master teachers in negotiating between the world of canine and human. DiMeglio uses gentle and positive reinforcement techniques in her training. Most training is done off leash using lure-based methods to facilitate the behaviors desired. The establishment of a good relationship between the dog and human is essential to training. DiMeglio's goal is to make all sessions with the puppy or dog fun. The aim is to intermingle play with obedience so that the pup or dog is unable to differentiate between the two. This creates time between the canine and person that is enjoyable, fun and life bonding between the two.

DiMeglio's background also includes that of being a communication specialist, minister, educator, lecturer, writer and holistic healthcare practitioner. Her basic philosophy underlying her work and play with people and dogs is that of facilitating a relationship between the two that greatly enhances the quality of life for both.

Through the Puppy Training course, dog trainer Angela DiMeglio provided our family with very valuable tools for training our puppy. She brings a wealth of personal and professional knowledge about dog behavior. Her passion for dogs is translated through practical information and tips for dealing with puppy behavior in a positive, hands-on way. The classes were fun and informative. We even enjoyed the weekly homework! We have a special bond with "Biff" that has come from kind and compassionate obedience training. We would recommend Puppy Training with Angela to anyone with a puppy or older dog.

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